How To Fix a Crossbite

Fix a Crossbite in Kids

Palate expander is best and easier to use on kids and teenagers as their jaws are growing.

Palate Expander

Braces treatment is effective and the most preferred treatment to correct a dental crossbite and various other kinds of bite problems

Braces Treatment

Fix a Crossbite in Teenagers and Adults

In serious crossbite cases, where braces or Invisalign fails to work, your orthodontist may recommend jaw realignment surgery to correct the position of your jaw.

Jaw Realignment Surgery

Traditional braces for crossbite treatment would be the most effective method for treating all forms of crossbite.


An Invisalign is a clear and removable teeth aligner that gets your job done just like braces


This supportive treatment involves placing elastic rubber bands across your teeth to pressurize them and make appropriate space.