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Can You Get Invisalign With Wisdom Teeth?

wisdom tooth pain occurring to a man

Wisdom teeth are the molars that develop at the rear of your gums and usually appear throughout your adolescent or young adult years. Do you know some people do not have wisdom teeth at all? Genetics significantly influence whether you will develop wisdom teeth and, if so, how they will erupt in your mouth.

But here’the thing: It gets messy if you need an Invisalign treatment. So, can you get Invisalign with wisdom teeth? Let’s find out in this blog. Keep reading!

Do Wisdom Teeth Have an Impact on Aligners?

Wisdom teeth can be challenging to manage. They are generally impacted, as a result, can occasionally develop at unusual angles. They can cause discomfort even if they do not burst through the gums. Thus, they can disrupt your Invisalign progress.

However, an x-ray can be taken by your orthodontist to establish whether your wisdom teeth will interfere with your aligners. If everything is okay, you can get Invisalign before wisdom teeth removal.

Even if your wisdom teeth must be pulled as part of your therapy, this should not hinder your progress. Your orthodontist can alter your aligners to accommodate any changes in your mouth.

Can You Get Invisalign With Wisdom Teeth??

Although they may not always be a problem, orthodontists recommend removing wisdom teeth for Invisalign treatment. Here are 5 Reasons Given by Orthodontists for not combining Invisalign with impacted wisdom teeth:

  • Disruption of the Teeth Aligning Process

    Wisdom teeth can occasionally interfere with the alignment of your teeth. If you continue with Invisalign without having your wisdom teeth taken, you may have to discontinue treatment and have your wisdom teeth extracted. This may disrupt your ongoing treatment and delay in getting the desired result.

    So, if you want the optimum outcomes from your Invisalign treatment, you should have your wisdom teeth removed first.

  • Movement of Other Teeth

    Another reason orthodontists believe that you need your wisdom teeth removed for Invisalign is that they can cause other teeth to shift. Wisdom teeth have a propensity to push other teeth forward, causing them to move out of alignment. This may make it more difficult for Invisalign to shift them back into place.

    Other teeth’s movement can potentially erase the progress gained with the Invisalign treatment in rare situations.

  • Difficulty in Maintaining Oral Hygiene

    If your wisdom teeth are impacted, they might interfere with your dental hygiene. Impacted wisdom teeth are those that do not have enough space to develop correctly, causing infections, gum disease, and decay.

    However, maintaining proper dental hygiene is critical when having Invisalign treatment. Impacted wisdom teeth can make this more difficult. Wisdom teeth removal before Invisalign can help to prevent these problems. It becomes easier to maintain your teeth healthy and clean during the treatment.

  • Damage to Other Teeth

    Wisdom teeth can potentially harm other teeth in your mouth. If they grow at an angle, they might force on neighboring teeth, cracking or breaking them. This can cause discomfort and agony and impede the Invisalign treatment process.

    Removing wisdom teeth before beginning Invisalign can assist you in avoiding all this. So, your orthodontist may suggest getting this problem out of the way in advance.

  • Risk of Infection

    Finally, retaining wisdom teeth increases the chance of infection. Wisdom teeth can trap food particles and germs in your mouth, causing an infection to develop. This is especially troublesome if you get Invisalign treatment, as it can cause delays and pain.

    By removing wisdom teeth before beginning Invisalign, you can limit the risk of infection and ensure a smooth treatment.

In conclusion, obtaining Invisalign with wisdom teeth is certainly possible, but it depends on the unique case and the suggestion of your orthodontist. If your wisdom teeth have fully erupted and are not creating any problems, you may be able to continue with Invisalign therapy without having them removed.

Otherwise, they must be pulled out before or during the treatment. Talk with your orthodontist to identify the best course of action for your specific needs.

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