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our new invisalign

The choice is


Our smiles start with


invisalign clear braces

We use Invisalign® clear aligners


Made of smooth,
BPA-free plastic


Eat and drink
what you like!


No metal brackets.
No metal wires.

Invisalign® aligners use

SmartTrack™ technology for


Constant yet gentle force speeds up treatment up to 50%

Constant yet gentle force speeds up treatment up to 50%


Improves control of tooth movement to help keep your smile on track

Improves control of tooth movement to help keep your smile on track


Flexible material fits snugly around your teeth

Flexible material fits snugly around your teeth


Aligners move teeth with 75% more predictability

Aligners move teeth with 75% more predictability

8 Advantages of Invisalign for Adults and Teens

  1. The type of material used in these aligners offers more predictability and controlled movement of teeth
  2. They are virtually invisible so you can wear them confidently in public
  3. It is easy to observe the results at every stage of your orthodontic treatment with these aligners
  4. You don’t have to spend extra time and efforts on cleaning Invisalign since there are no brackets and wires to clean and floss. You can just brush and rinse the aligners with lukewarm water to clean them
  5. They can be easily removed so that you can enjoy your favorite foods without any type of restrictions
  6. Since the structure of Invisalign has no sharp brackets, you can continue playing your favorite contact sports without worrying about any injury to your teeth, gums or tongue
  7. These aligners are absolutely pain free and pose no risk of injury due to brackets and wires which come with braces
  8. The treatment requires fewer visits to the orthodontist and so it suits even those patients who have the busiest of schedules

Invisalign for Teens

Living with aligners can be a bit challenging especially for teenagers. Invisalign for teens was specifically developed to help teens tackle the common obstacles they faced while using Invisalign. The special features include:

  • Color Indicators

    Invisalign for teens come with small blue dots which fade away after 336 hours or 2 weeks of wear. This parameter helps them follow the treatment with more dedication.

  • Eruption Tabs

    For teens that still have baby teeth or their permanent teeth are still growing, Invisalign aligners for teens are perfect. The aligners are designed with spaces which allow the smooth eruption of permanent teeth.

  • Extra Replacement Aligners

    Teens sometimes lose or damage their aligners. Invisalign for teens comes with replacement aligners. This makes it convenient for the teens to continue their treatment without any hindrance caused by damaged or lost aligners.

Whether you are a teen or an adult looking for Invisalign in Fresno, CA, get in touch with us at Thurman Orthodontics today. We are among the top 1% providers of Invisalign which means that you get your Invisalign treatment from one of the most experienced providers in the entire country. Our smile team looks forward to welcoming you into our Thurman Orthodontics family.

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