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Types of Malocclusions and How Orthodontic Treatment Helps

What is Malocclusion? Malocclusion is the clinical term for misaligned teeth that can lead to oral health complications like overbite, underbite, crossbite, and overcrowding. As the teeth are misaligned, it becomes difficult to perform vital oral functions like chewing, biting and speaking but an orthodontist is specially trained in treating all types of malocclusions and … Continued

Congenitally Missing Tooth; Causes & Treatment of Hypodontia

Hypodontia is a developmental oral health condition. If you are born with lesser teeth than an average person, you have hypodontia. It is also commonly known as congenitally missing teeth (CMT). It affects both baby and permanent teeth. The most common congenitally missing teeth are second premolars, wisdom teeth, and upper lateral incisors. In this … Continued

Functions and Importance of Palate Expanders for Children

Many childhood habits and genetic traits risk an improper growth of permanent teeth later on. Relief comes in the form of early orthodontic treatments, which can begin in a child as young as seven years old and significantly reduce the risk of conditions such as crowded or crooked teeth and jaw problems. One such treatment … Continued

Prognathism: Types, Causes and Treatment

Does your or any of your family member’s jaw seem off-balance? One of the upper or lower jaws is protruding? It is probably due to Prognathism. It is a dental abnormality. Because of Prognathism, teeth don’t fit together correctly. And regular functions like eating and talking becomes challenging. An orthodontist can identify the causes of … Continued

5 effective steps to prevent Canker Sore from Braces

A canker sore is a common phenomenon, or we can say side effects of braces. Canker sores are small ulcers formed inside the inner parts of your mouth. They can make you suffer from tingling and burning sensations. These sores are round and appear in white, grey, or red color. There are other causes also … Continued

What is Braces Wax for? Its Uses & Ways to Apply

It takes time to get used to braces. The initial discomfort happens when the wires start to pinch against the soft tissues of your mouth. But there is a perfect braces care product available in the market for this concern. Braces wax can provide you relief from pain and soreness. Braces wax is also known … Continued

Common Myths About Invisalign

Research and development have brought about significant improvements and fantastic innovations in orthodontics. Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontic treatment. via GIPHY However, there are a bunch of myths associated with this technique. Let’s look at a few facts about Invisalign and break the common myths: Invisalign is not ideal for severe misalignments: Experienced orthodontists can help … Continued

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