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Invisalign vs. Other Clear Aligner Brands

Invisalign vs. Other Clear Aligner Brands

Remember the days of clunky metal braces? Orthodontic treatment has come a long way since then, thanks to the introduction of clear aligner technology. This innovative approach has revolutionized teeth straightening, offering a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional braces. While Invisalign took the lead as a pioneer in this space, there’s a growing array of other clear aligner brands vying for attention. In this article, we’ll dive into the comparison between Invisalign vs. other clear aligner brands, guiding you in making an informed choice for your orthodontic journey.


Invisalign: The Trailblazer

Invisalign, one of the original clear aligner brands, made its debut in the 1990s, leveraging the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing. As one of the early examples of this revolutionary technology in the mass market, Invisalign rapidly gained traction and recognition among dental patients looking for an effective way to achieve a better smile.

The defining features of Invisalign include its invisibility and custom-fit, making it an appealing option for individuals seeking orthodontic treatment without drawing attention to their dental adjustments. Patients wear Invisalign aligners both day and night, removing them solely for eating and brushing. With a set change every two weeks, the aligners gradually and gently guide the teeth into their new positions, leading to noticeable transformations over time.

Invisalign’s success story spans the globe, owing to its convenience for busy professionals who desire an improved dental appearance. Its unobtrusive nature, easy maintenance, and invisibility have contributed to its popularity over the past quarter-century.

Exploring the Contenders


  1. Byte: The Vibrant Choice

    Launched in 2018, Byte has made a name for itself through innovation, personalized support, and speedy average treatment times. Key highlights of Byte include:

    HyperByte Boost: Byte comes with a “HyperByte” device that uses high-frequency vibration to facilitate a snug fit of aligners. Some studies hint at quicker teeth shifts with devices like these.

    Byte-for-Life Guarantee: Byte pledges a lifetime guarantee for your new smile. Even if your teeth shift down the road, they provide new aligners as long as you follow the retainers’ regimen.

    Easy Financing: Byte extends financing options for treatment, irrespective of your credit score.

    Nighttime Treatment: Byte offers a nighttime-only treatment plan, requiring aligner wear for just ten hours per day, providing convenience.

  2. SmileDirectClub: The Convenience Maven

    SmileDirectClub, a major player in the at-home aligner scene, combines convenience and affordability. With an extensive network of SmileShops, their approach bridges the gap between at-home and in-office care. Here’s a quick look at what SmileDirectClub brings to the table:

    SmileShops for Efficiency: SmileDirectClub’s network of SmileShops provides quick and easy treatment initiation with dental scans.

    Affordability: With a price tag of $2,250, SmileDirectClub is more budget-friendly than Invisalign.

    Nighttime Aligners: Similar to Byte, SmileDirectClub offers nighttime-only aligner treatment, requiring wear during sleep.

    Generous Refund Policy: SmileDirectClub offers prorated refunds for unused aligners and a Lifetime Smile Guarantee for continued satisfaction.

  3. NewSmile: The Budget Champion

    NewSmile, a newcomer since 2020, shines with a wallet-friendly price point and efficient treatment. Key points about NewSmile include:

    Affordable Option: NewSmile stands out with a price of $1,595, making it one of the most economical choices.

    Impression Kit Inclusion: NewSmile bundles an impression kit, retainers, and whitening kit, adding extra value.

    Quick Treatment: NewSmile boasts faster treatment times, with most patients completing their journey in just 4-6 months.

  4. AlignerCo: The Low-Cost Challenger

    AlignerCo positions itself as a cost-effective option, standing out with its low sticker price. Notable aspects of AlignerCo include:

    Bargain Price: AlignerCo claims the spotlight with a price of $995, significantly less than other options.

    Flexible Financing: AlignerCo offers financing plans, irrespective of your credit score.

    Personalized Financing: AlignerCo frequently offers sales and promotions, further reducing the cost of their treatment plans.

  5. Candid: The Hybrid Approach

    Candid combines in-office care with remote monitoring, offering a comprehensive treatment approach. With a focus on delivering quality results, Candid bridges the gap between at-home and in-office care. Here’s a quick look at some of the Candid’s features:

    Clinical Oversight: Candid incorporates an initial in-office visit with a dentist, followed by remote monitoring and support.

    Treatment Scope: Candid offers treatment plans that can address a range of conditions, providing a more comprehensive approach compared to other at-home options.

    Digital Progress Monitoring: Candid’s CandidMonitoring service allows you to send digital scans for assessment every 14 days, facilitating remote oversight

  6. ClearCorrect: The In-Office Rival

    As a direct competitor to Invisalign, ClearCorrect offers an in-office clear aligner solution. With a comparable treatment approach, ClearCorrect focuses on delivering quality outcomes while keeping costs reasonable. Here’s a glimpse of ClearCorrect’s features:

    Cost-Effectiveness: ClearCorrect’s pricing structure, designed to be budget-friendly for dentists, can lead to more affordable treatment plans for patients.

    Proprietary Material: ClearCorrect employs ClearQuartz, a proprietary tri-layer plastic that retains its initial force, contributing to efficient realignment.

    Comprehensive Treatment: ClearCorrect can address a variety of complex conditions, thanks to the incorporation of attachments similar to Invisalign’s.


Which Is Right for You?

We understand that absorbing all this information can be overwhelming, and keeping track of the key distinctions among these providers might be challenging. To highlight the crucial aspects, here’s a comprehensive overview of the clear aligners we’ve talked about, along with their costs and the dental issues they can address:

BrandTreatable CasesPrice Range
InvisalignMild-to-severe cases$3,000–$8,000
ByteMild-to-moderate cases$1,999
CandidMild-to-moderate cases$3,500+
AlignerCoMild-to-moderate cases$995
SmileDirectClubMild-to-moderate cases$2,250
NewSmileMild-to-moderate cases$1,595
ClearCorrectMild-to-severe cases$3,000–$6,000

One of the major decisions you’ll need to consider is whether you prefer pursuing treatment at home or going for the traditional in-office approach. Generally, we suggest at-home clear aligners for milder cases, as this can help you avoid the higher cost associated with in-person treatment and complete the process conveniently from your own home.

However, if your case is too complex for remote treatment or you simply feel more comfortable with the traditional method, it’s worth exploring options like ClearCorrect aligners. They might offer a more budget-friendly choice compared to Invisalign, while still providing you with the in-person attention you desire.

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