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14 Biggest Braces Myths That Need Fact-checking

girl with braces

If you are planning to get braces, you might have come across people warning you about the many unproven problems it could potentially pose. With this article, we hope to bust some of those myths surrounding braces that have been circulating for long.

  1. Braces only rectify cosmetic problems
  2. Braces, being one of the most sought orthodontic treatments, can offer you a healthy bite and appropriate oral health for adulthood in addition to your desired proportionate facial dimensions.

  3. Braces vs. metal detector
  4. Your braces are remarkably small and made of lightweight metals that can’t trigger metal detector alarms.

  5. Braces disrupt radio signals
  6. The radio loving fanatic in you can relax because the specialized metal used in braces cannot conduct radio signals.

  7. I can’t play my instrument!
  8. Yet another myth that makes teens re-think their braces needs is this. Well, don’t worry! You only have to go through the initial adjustment period to get used to your braces with your instrument, and you will be good to go in no time.

  9. Metal braces rust easy
  10. No, this is impossible, because your modern braces have titanium alloy in them that makes it rustproof.

  11. Sports with braces sounds scary
  12. Sports and braces can work well together if you take the necessary precautions. Make sure you wear a mouthguard to protect yourself from any accidental jaw fractures.

  13. Braces meddle with electronic devices
  14. Your braces don’t carry the appropriate design to transmit or conduct the signals given off by any electronic devices, neither from smartphones or televisions nor computers.

  15. Braces mean pain
  16. It could be painful initially when you are getting used to the braces in your mouth. The theory here is that the stiff metal wires attached to braces exert a force on your teeth to start moving them to the desired place. After a couple of weeks, the pain won’t be a discomfort.

  17. Kissing someone with braces could end up in an awkward trip to the orthodontist
  18. According to the science behind braces, getting them locked with someone while kissing is impossible. So keep that romance alive!

  19. I will have to deal with the hassle of getting the wire changed at every appointment
  20. Monthly check-up appointments keep track of your alignment progress and help your orthodontist note if any changes are required. The wire, though, is only changed if it undergoes natural wear and tear or gets damaged accidentally.

  21. Braces won’t take into account my wisdom teeth eruption
  22. Firstly, you must have space for wisdom tooth growth. If you do, a well-executed orthodontic treatment and the regular wearing of customized retainers post braces will be enough to hold your new teeth alignment in its place when the wisdom teeth emerge.

  23. Adults should not get braces
  24. Kids and teens indeed experience a far more convenient time with braces than adults. That does not mean braces are not right for you. Nowadays, you can choose discreet options like Invisalign transparent aligners and lingual braces, which offer hassle-free solutions to various misalignment issues.

  25. Braces will take forever to rectify my teeth
  26. The time required for the treatment will vary, depending on the dental issue that needs to be corrected. Generally, the treatment requires at least 12-18 months for significant changes to come through.

  27. My dentist can carry out my orthodontic treatment
  28. While dentists and orthodontists do have the same training up to a certain extent; it is advisable to get braces under the supervision of a trained orthodontist only.

Now that you have learned the difference between facts and fiction go ahead, and sign yourself up for braces to achieve your desired smile!

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