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6 Effective Ways to Bid Farewell to Your Invisalign Pain

Ways to Bid Farewell to Your Invisalign Pain

The number of teenagers and adults who select Invisalign as a preferred choice of orthodontic treatment is on a constant rise. Ever wondered how an Invisalign Treatment can re-align your teeth?

People are more aware of the health benefits of straighter teeth, and have been encouraging the same even on social media platforms! This cost-effective treatment gives you a much healthier smile in a shorter time than traditional braces!

Of course, this treatment comes with numerous benefits! But there are always a few things you need to take care of, to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. Dr. Brian Thurman constantly strives to make a difference in the lives of his patients by providing all the right tips across all orthodontic treatments. A lover of the outdoors, he encourages an active lifestyle for all his patients, young and old! So don’t hold back on a camping adventure or a game of Quidditch even with your fresh pair of Invisalign on!

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How To Deal With Invisalign Pain?

If you’re experiencing Invisalign tooth pain, don’t worry – there are a few Invisalign tips for pain that can help make the discomfort more bearable

      1. Choose Soft Foods in Your Diet

        One of the key culprits of Invisalign pain is your eating habits. Now we’re not asking you to stick to bland soups and porridge! There are plenty of ways to enjoy your meals without hurting your teeth. Here are some quick do’s and don’ts:


        • Mince your meat and chicken to avoid extra biting and chewing.
        • Blend your vegetables and fruits into a smoothie
        • Blend your muesli with milk and add lots of nuts into it for a healthy drink.


        • Eat the whole piece of chicken or meat that stresses your teeth and gums.
        • Eating the whole fruit that could give you aches and pain.
        • Eating the whole cereal that can leave food debris stuck between your teeth.
      2. Use Orthodontic Wax

        Invisalign trays take up the exact shape of your teeth, even all those sharp edges that may not look as appealing once your trays are taken off! But because they fit so perfectly, they’re going to leave you with some pain and discomfort. But there’s no need for you to live with that pain. Orthodontic wax comes in handy to fill all those spots to cushion the pointed edges! They help a great deal in relieving you of the pain since you need to wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours every day!

      3. Use Cold Compress over the Painful Area

        A cold compress is well-known for its ability to reduce swelling and pain in your body to a great extent! And it provides relief to your teeth swelling too! You may experience Invisalign pain for the first few months of your treatment. Since you can’t take your trays off so frequently, a store-bought or a DIY cold compress will effectively subside the pain for a few hours.

      4. Switch to New trays Before Bedtime

        If you experience Invisalign pain, try switching up your trays to a new set just before bedtime. This relieves you of the pain for at least half a night so that you get an ample amount of rest before the next morning. The constant tooth movements are the reason behind the discomfort. Make sure you also check with your orthodontist about the do’s and don’ts of cleaning your Invisalign braces.

        • Use Aligner Retrieval Tools to Remove Aligners

          You’re expected to keep your Invisalign aligners on for at least 22 hours every day. And the two-hour window where you’re allowed to remove them is only when you’re eating and drinking, as well as brush and floss your teeth. Remember that you may experience additional Invisalign pain if you’re not careful with removing your trays. The right way to remove your aligners is by using an aligner retrieval tool.

        • Designation of Your Invisalign Provider Matters

          The designation of your Invisalign provider matters a lot. It’s not just a service they’re providing. Instead, it’s the right skills your Orthodontist and the team require to ensure an effective treatment experience. Remember that not all patients are a candidate for Invisalign. So it’s important to check with your orthodontist about the procedure and number of sessions involved. Check how comfortable you feel around them and if they answer your queries without any hesitation.

        • Use Invisalign Chewies

          Chewing on Invisalign chewies can help you relieve some of the discomfort and quickly adjust to your aligners.Additionally, by making sure the aligners are well fitted to your teeth, these chewies help reduce any discomfort that can result from a poor fit.


    Committing to an orthodontic treatment comes with a set of pros and cons. But it’s always the pros that outdo the cons; same is the case with a set of aligners. Take up these tips to mitigate Invisalign pain. If you’re still experiencing discomfort, book an appointment with Thurman Orthodontics, Fresno today to check the progress of your treatment.

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      1. Is invisalign painful?

        Sometimes there may be some discomfort, pain, or soreness from Invisalign. When compared to traditional braces, invisalign hurts less, though it might vary from person to person in terms of intensity. Most patients who use Invisalign perceive the pain as pressure or discomfort when their teeth realign. Your teeth are changing positions for the first time, which is why it could hurt. Because your mouth isn’t used to this unusual position, it can be painful.

      2. How long does invisalign hurt?

        Usually, pain goes away 1-3 days after wearing a new aligner. If the pain still persists you should get in touch with your orthodontist

      3. Do chewies help invisalign pain?

        To reduce the discomfort that comes with wearing Invisalign aligners, try biting down on chewies. These small, soft cylinders help your aligners fit snugly on your teeth and can also lessen any pain caused by a poor fit.

      4. Can invisalign cause jaw pain?

        The jaw, teeth, and face all have many nerve ending connections. That explains why some Invisalign patients experience pain as a result of the pressure the aligner places on their teeth as they shift. This pain is often felt as earache, headache, neck pain, or jaw pain. As your teeth realign, you can also experience jaw cracking because the movement might affect your bite and jaw.

      5. Which is the most painful invisalign tray?

        The first few Invisalign trays typically feel most painful since the pressure and feel of the aligners are new at the beginning of treatment.

      6. Can Invisalign cause TMJ?

        No, Invisalign treatment cannot cause TMJ. However, if you have pre-existing TMJ issues, you should discuss this with your orthodontist before beginning treatment.

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