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What Is Wax for braces & How to Use It: A Complete Guide

girl with braces applying wax on braces

What is Braces Wax?

Braces wax, also known as Orthodontic Wax or dental wax is specially designed wax to relieve pain caused by rubbing of the braces appliances. When the wires of braces start to pinch against the soft tissues of the mouth, It is applied to create a barrier between the braces wires and your mouth. Thus the contact break of the braces to your mouth prevents further injury. This barrier also provides extra time for your sores to heal.

Why Use Wax For Braces?

If you are getting used to your braces, you will love this product. Dental wax makes the braces comfortable and adaptable for you during the initial stage of the treatment. Once you apply it, it covers the braces’ piercing corners and binds any loose pieces. Your braces get separated from your teeth via the layer formed by the orthodontic wax. It can be used as a temporary treatment for mouth sores until you get to your Orthodontist.

Its application is simple, and it is easy to remove, as well. That makes dental wax ideal braces care product for both kids and adults. And to top it all, Dental wax comes in a very affordable range.

How to Put on Wax on Braces?

  1. Clean your hands and brush your teeth properly. This will prevent any bacterial infection.
  2. Dry your braces before the application of braces wax. Use a tissue if required.
  3. Locate the painful areas in your inner cheeks and lips where braces wires are poking.
  4. Take little amount of wax and make a roll of it. Do this for at least 5 seconds to warm the wax. The roll or ball similar to popcorn kernel is generally enough. Avoid using a large quantity of wax.
  5. Place the little ball of wax on the painful area. Rub it lightly. Place the wax on troubling bracket or wires to form a barrier.
  6. Give dental wax some time to heal your wounds. And enjoy a painless braces experience.

How long can you keep braces wax on?

You can’t keep dental wax in your mouth for a long time. It should be replaced with a new one twice a day. Replace it immediately if it is coming off. If you keep the orthodontic wax for more than a day, you run the risk of bacteria and cavities in your mouth. The reason being food particles get stuck on the surface of the wax. In would be best to apply it on well-brushed teeth after having your meal.

Signing Off!

Dental wax is a temporary solution, which prevents further damage. It would be best if you visit your Orthodontist at the earliest for a permanent cure.

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Contact Thurman Orthodontics for consultation regarding early braces care and specially manufactured dental wax. It is our mission to provide you with your perfect smile with the least pain.


  1. What happens if you swallow dental wax?

    Orthodontic wax is safe to ingest if accidentally swallowed. It’s a natural and non-toxic product that is designed to be used in the mouth. While it’s not meant to be eaten intentionally, swallowing a small amount won’t cause harm or sickness.

  2. How to remove wax from braces?

    Over time, orthodontic wax will naturally come off your braces, but if you want to remove it sooner, you can use your fingers or a toothpick. If the wax is stuck or hard to remove, dental floss can be a helpful tool to dislodge it. Just be sure to be gentle to avoid causing any damage to your braces or teeth.

  3. Can you eat with wax on your braces?

    Although orthodontic wax is safe to use while eating and drinking, it is not advisable because it can stick to food, alter the flavor, trap food particles, and lead to bacterial growth. Water consumption will likely cause the wax to be knocked loose and fall off. To prevent these problems, take off the wax before consuming anything and reapply it afterwards to make sure it is still clean and doing its job of keeping your mouth safe.

  4. Can I sleep with braces wax?

    While you sleep, the wax will serve as a soft layer between your braces and your mouth, allowing you to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Since most businesses use non-toxic substances like paraffin wax, beeswax, or carnauba wax, you don’t have to worry about swallowing wax while you’re sleeping.

  5. Can you reuse dental wax?

    It is not recommended. If you take off the wax, discard the old wax piece and replace it with a fresh one. Reusing it will only introduce more bacteria into your mouth.

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