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An End-To-End Overview of an Orthodontic Treatment

An End-To-End Overview of an Orthodontic Treatment

Young or old, we’re all part of a naturally smiling species. And along with a great smile, is assessing your teeth’s ability to bite and chew well. Braces look after all orthodontic problems right from the get-go.

Let Us Walk You Through the 7 Steps of an Orthodontic Procedure:

  1. First Consultation with the Orthodontist
  2. Before your first appointment officially begins, it’s usually a chat with your orthodontist. You can express your worries and concerns before your orthodontic procedure starts. The entire process of your smile treatment is explained to you

  3. Examination of Your Mouth
  4. Typically, the examination lasts an hour. We take photographs of the inside of your mouth with the help of X-rays and a CT scan. We also create a model of your upper and lower teeth and check for points of occlusion. We make use of a low-dose digital x-ray machine and CT machine so you don’t have to be worried about the excessive exposure to radiation.

  5. Discussion of Treatment with the Orthodontist
  6. Discussion of your orthodontic treatment can take anywhere from half an hour to a full hour. To start with, Dr. Thurman will provide you a dental mold from your teeth and go over important details with you right from the get-go.

    Our team will also discuss the cost and payment alongside. Do not hesitate to ask us questions you may have. We will only recommend you to go ahead with the treatment once you are completely satisfied.

  7. Preparation and Application of Braces
  8. Before you getting braces, we want you to brush and floss your teeth well. The orthodontic procedure itself is pain-free, but your bonding appointment will last for about two hours. Bring along some music to keep you from getting bored.

    To begin with, Dr. Thurman will insert a device to keep your mouth dry and your tongue from moving. Your teeth will be dried off well to create an ideal surface, for the bonding to begin. Your braces will then be fit to your teeth with the help of a special adhesive to effectively hold your braces in place throughout your treatment.

    A curing light is then shone over your orthodontic braces to set the bond and harden the adhesive. An archwire will run through your braces which will be held in place with ligature bands.

  9. Regular Checkups
  10. It will take you about 4-8 weeks to get used to your braces before your first follow-up appointment. These routine adjustments are a lot faster than the orthodontic procedure itself. Dr. Thurman will check the progress of your treatment and replace old bands with new ones. You may also need to change your old archwire for a new set.

    The archwire may bring some discomfort, but it is only temporary until your teeth completely adjust to them. All your adjustments may be done at a 4-8 week interval as part of your treatment. If you are concerned about any major discomfort, your orthodontist can help you find ways to relieve the pain.

  11. Getting Your Braces off for a Perfect Smile
  12. Once you have achieved the perfect bite, it’s time to get your braces off. Your orthodontic treatment time will vary depending on how serious your case is. But the usual time it takes to complete an orthodontic procedure is 12 to 24 months. Your orthodontist will take lots of pictures of your new smile to help you notice the small and big changes.

  13. Retainers after Braces
  14. To keep your new smile the way it is, you need to make retainers your best friend. Retainers after braces are made to match the exact shape of your teeth to keep them in place. While retainers are removable, it’s advisable that you keep them on to give your newly-aligned teeth time to adjust with the soft tissue and jawbone.

An orthodontic procedure may seem like a long-term commitment. But a healthier smile will help you with compromised chewing functionality, misaligned jaw, worn out teeth, and abnormal stress on your gums.

An orthodontic treatment comes with a set of pros and cons. But it’s always the pros that leave the cons way behind. Now that you know what exactly to expect from an orthodontic procedure, you are at a better position to take a decision.

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