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Buck Teeth: All You Need to Know From Causes to Treatments

child with overbite (buck teeth)

Are you or your loved ones living with buck teeth? If yes, you know the discomfort it brings along with a blow to your self-esteem. But do you know that you don’t need to live with this for too long? Orthodontists can successfully fix buck teeth, also known as overjet teeth and overbite, in medical terms.

And if you are thinking you can live with this minor facial flaw of protruding teeth, read this post to know more about the health risks people with buck teeth need to live with! You will also find information on the causes and treatment of overbite teeth. Let’s get started!

What Are Buck Teeth?

Overbite or buck teeth is a common class II malocclusion where upper front teeth protrude over the lower teeth. It happens due to misalignment of the upper and lower jawbone.

What Causes Buck Teeth?

If you are wondering “why me!” you can check out the following common causes of overbite teeth.

  • Tongue Thrusting – Pushing tongue against the front teeth in childhood often results in buck teeth. Some people do it as an adult as well.
  • Thumb Sucking – It is not very rare to get buck teeth from thumb sucking, as thumb sucking is one of the most common childhood habits.
  • Overuse of Pacifier – Excessive use of Pacifier puts the same pressure on a child’s developing jaw and teeth as thumb sucking does.
  • Missing or Crowded Teeth – The alignment of the jaw and teeth get disturbed both by missing and crowded teeth, causing protruding teeth.
  • Genetics – If your parents and other blood relatives have overjet teeth, you can also get the misaligned jaw and teeth in hereditary.

Sometimes teeth grinding, face injury, and excessive nail-biting also leads to buck teeth.

What Health Implications Can You Face due to Buck Teeth?

Overbite correction is not only a matter of enhancing your appearance. Dentists and orthodontists recommend you to fix buck teeth to prevent the following health risks:-

  • Inadequate Chewing –It’s difficult to chew food properly with overjet teeth. The food doesn’t break down properly, and you may feel pain while chewing and biting food.
  • Damaged Gums & Teeth – If your overbite is severe, the lower front teeth damage the upper front teeth and gum line by constantly coming in contact with them.
  • Abnormal Airway – Buck teeth come with a small jaw which allows only a limited air passage. Airway problems lead to breathing issues and sleep disorders like sleep apnea.
  • Speech Difficulties – Protruding front teeth makes it challenging to speak words with letters F, M, B, V, P, and S. These speech impediments are detrimental to your self-confidence.

How To Fix Buck Teeth?

The good news for people with buck teeth is that multiple treatment options are available for overbite correction. Your orthodontist can choose the most suitable method for you from the following:-

  • BracesBraces are the most popular treatment for overjet teeth. Traditional metal braces move the teeth to the desired position by applying gradual pressure through wires and brackets. There are other types of braces that are less visible and more comfortable. You can opt for them if your orthodontist permits.
  • Invisalign – Teenagers and adults mostly choose Invisalign for overbite correction. There are two main reasons. First, it uses a series of clear plastic aligners which are not easily visible to others, unlike the traditional braces. Secondly, Invisalign aligners are extremely comfortable as you can remove them before eating your meals and wear them again afterward.
  • Palate Expansion – This treatment is helpful for people with a smaller upper jaw. This type of jaw can’t accommodate all adult teeth. Therefore it is expanded via affixing the two palate expanders to the upper molars. This creates more space for the ideal number of teeth.
  • Orthodontic Surgery – All the treatments mentioned above may not work in a severe overbite. Your orthodontists will recommend surgery if the growth of the jaw has stopped. During orthodontic jaw surgery, your upper and lower jaw alignment is corrected to treat the overbite.

In Conclusion
Hopefully, the massage of this post is pretty clear to you that you shouldn’t wait to get your buck teeth treated because of the health implications. And you and your orthodontist can choose the most viable option from the wide range of overbite correction treatments.
Get your overbite and underbite correction treatment from expert orthodontists at Thurman Orthodontics, Fresno. Book a complimentary smile assessment now!


  1. How to fix buck teeth without braces?

    Depending on the severity of the condition, buck teeth can sometimes be corrected without braces through the use of Invisalign, Palate expansion or Orthodontic Surgery

  2. Can aligners fix buck teeth?

    Yes. You can contact Thurman Orthodontics and book your first free consultation to discuss your treatment options with us!

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