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Common Myths About Invisalign

woman holding her aligners

Research and development have brought about significant improvements and fantastic innovations in orthodontics. Invisalign has revolutionized orthodontic treatment.


However, there are a bunch of myths associated with this technique. Let’s look at a few facts about Invisalign and break the common myths:

  1. Invisalign is not ideal for severe misalignments:

  2. Experienced orthodontists can help correct severe crowding of teeth (which result in overbites) using Invisalign.

  3. You can treat every case with Invisalign:

  4. Invisalign is still not available and recommended for certain cases like those with severely displaced teeth, cases requiring complex surgeries of the jaw, cases where there are too many teeth which are missing, etc.

  5. You cannot use Invisalign for children:

  6. Invisalign was initially developed for adults, but now, it has been increasingly used for teenagers too. There is no reason why they cannot be used in children.

  7. Traditional braces are merely for children:

  8. While it is more common to see children and teenagers using braces as part of teeth correction process while growing up, a lot of adults have started opting for treatment for smile correction. Adults usually opt for clear braces which are invisible and can be detached when they are eating food or when they wish to attend/speak at social events.

  9. Treatment results with Invisalign are not as good as traditional braces:

  10. Experience of the orthodontist should be your most important criteria during treatment. If you orthodontist is right, your result on Invisalign will be as good as traditional braces.

  11. Any doctor can do Invisalign well:

  12. Like with any technology, Invisalign has orthodontists of varying experience and knowledge depth. Orthodontists who have been early adopters of the technology have made vast improvements in their practice and have become seasoned in the process. Dr. Thurman of Thurman Orthodontics is a Diamond Provider of Invisalign. Before you choose an orthodontist, make sure you understand their depth of experience in using the methodology to make a well-informed choice.

  13. Invisalign Aligners Require Less Attention to Oral Hygiene:

  14. Invisalign is not a replacement for hygiene practices. Hygiene practices like brushing and flossing are incredibly essential to help maintain your dental health, so they must not be avoided at any cost.

  15. You Can Order it Online Cheaper:

  16. Invisalign is not a direct B2C company. There are other invisible braces available online, but they are not Invisalign. Only approved orthodontists can supply Invisalign.

  17. DIY aligners are just as significant:

  18. Given that teeth are an essential body part, it is not recommended to use DIY aligners as they generally prove to be risky, time-consuming and may even further damage the teeth rather than treat them.

  19. Invisalign trays make you talk funny:

  20. Any new product needs a small adjustment period to adjust to your body. The same goes for Invisalign. Most people don’t face any issues, but a small portion of people may experience a lisp during the initial days. However, as the body gets adjusted to the aligners, the lisp will slowly disappear. The key is to keep wearing them and not giving up with initial discomfort if any.

People with Invisalign have shown great satisfaction results after using the treatment option. Visit Thurman Orthodontist to get a consultation and more unique perspective of whether Invisalign is really worth it and if it suited for your condition.

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