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Let the Journey Begin!

girl with braces

Most of our patients are excited to get braces because they know that a beautiful smile awaits. But we certainly understand the anticipation that comes with waiting to get them off. Depending on your individual circumstances, treatment may take up to two years or more, and we know that time can seem infinite. Having a system in place for counting down the days (or minutes!) will help you keep your eye on the prize. Just know the day WILL come, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Countdown with a Wall Calendar

We’ve all had those projects where we cross out each day before something is due. You can use your appointments as mini timelines to help push through to the final due date. Have an eye for design? Create a calendar that’s an original work of art to keep it fun. And don’t forget your options of going digital. Upload photos or designs you see online for each month. Keep it interesting, so you keep SMILING!

Reward Yourself

It’s true. Wearing braces and getting the most out of your treatment requires some discipline. Giving yourself regular rewards each month will help to keep you motivated. Brainstorm with your parents ways to reward yourself! Everyone loves an excuse to shop, and we think this is a great one!

Make a Paper Link Chain

We love when our patients get creative, and here’s another opportunity. Using strips of paper to make a chain, add a new link each week during treatment. Write a reason why you want straighter teeth on each link, or quotes from your favorite author, favorite song lyrics, or write whatever inspires you day to day. You can even think of it as a journal, which you’ll treasure once treatment is a distant memory!

Nutty Buddy

A project is always better if you have a buddy. Find a friend who is getting braces around the same time as you (trust us, that won’t be difficult), and as time passes, share your experiences. Make a pact to celebrate milestones, and take some time to celebrate with news of your improved smile. It will make the journey a lot more fun!

Dance ‘til You Deband

Get a large art pad of white paper. You can find various page quantities, so choose the quantity of how many days you want the countdown to be. Flip to the last page and write a huge “0.” Then on the next-to-last page, write a huge “1.” Repeat this until you get to the first page, which will help you keep track of the last days of your treatment. Decorate however you’d like! Get out your glue gun and go nuts. Use your favorite colors and design away. Now you’ll have a fun reminder of how the number of days is dwindling.

The bottom line is that we want to help make your course of orthodontic treatment FUN! And that may require our patients to have patience. Call our office today to discuss how we may help you begin your journey in achieving your ideal SMILE!

You are just one call away from a perfect, beautiful and healthy smile!

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