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8 Braces Cleaning Tips for Healthy Teeth & Bright Smile

teeth-cleaning with braces

Thanks to the braces treatment, you don’t need to be deprived of your dream smile anymore! But do you know that apart from your orthodontist, you also have a major role in the success of your braces treatment? That is to diligently follow all the instructions given by your orthodontist related to your oral hygiene.

The food debris gets stuck in brackets and wires of the braces, which later convert into plaque and tartar. Plaque causes stained teeth and damages the enamel. Therefore it is crucial for you to maintain adequate teeth cleaning with braces.

Here are 8 simple tips for teeth and braces cleaning that ensures your healthy teeth and bright smile!

  1. Clean After Every Meal
  2. Ideally, you should brush your teeth after every meal. But who are we kidding? You can’t do that while traveling, between meetings, or in the office. However, what you can do for damage control is slushing your mouth with water or mouthwash after every meal. Slushing will remove the food particles stuck in your braces.

  3. Use a Toothbrush With Soft Bristles
  4. Your toothbrush must clean the gums properly along with the surface of your teeth. It is vital for total oral hygiene. But hard bristles of a toothbrush can cause inflammation or bleeding of gums. Therefore always keep a soft-bristled toothbrush in your teeth and braces cleaning kit.

  5. Apply Right Technique of Teeth Cleaning With Braces
  6. While brushing your teeth with braces, ensure that you are brushing all the parts of the brackets. Each tooth, gum line, the roof of your mouth, and your tongue should be thoroughly cleaned. Brush at least 4 times a day for 2 minutes. And don’t forget to replace your old toothbrush every once in a while.

  7. Floss After Brushing Your Teeth
  8. Flossing removes all the food particles that are stuck between your teeth which brushing alone can’t remove. You need special floss threads, floss pics, or a water flosser in your braces cleaning kit to floss with braces. Regular floss will not be able to pass the gaps in your teeth due to wires of braces.

  9. Do Salt Water Gargle
  10. This one is on the list of your orthodontist’s recommendations as well. Saltwater is effective in reducing inflammation, pain, and soreness. It also keeps your teeth clean. If you don’t want to do it daily, at least do it for the initial few days after you put on braces or after a braces adjustment.

  11. Eat a Tooth-friendly Diet
  12. You will get a long list of foods that are good for your teeth as well as forbidden foods while you are on braces. Basically, acidic, sugary, hard, sticky, starchy, and artificially colored foods are bad for the health of your teeth while on braces. You can eat calcium and protein-rich food items, which are allowed by your orthodontist.

  13. Don’t Hesitate in Using Alternatives
  14. It is possible to run out of toothpaste or forgetting your paste at home during a journey. But you can’t forego teeth cleaning with braces in any case. Don’t hesitate to use alternatives like coconut oil or baking soda and water paste in such scenarios. They are harmless to use in emergencies.

  15. Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly
  16. Don’t miss your scheduled appointment with an orthodontist during your ongoing braces treatment. You can get better guidance on braces cleaning during these visits. These appointments also help your orthodontist to keep a close eye on your treatment.

    Click here to schedule an appointment with us at Thurman Orthodontics regarding dental care with braces. We treat every patient with utmost care at our state-of-the-art dental clinic in Fresno, CA.


    Initially, braces cleaning might seem overwhelming. But it will get easier with time. These tips will help you immensely. Maintaining basic oral hygiene with brushing & flossing, and rinsing your mouth after every meal goes a long way. Also, keep visiting your orthodontist regularly to keep track of the progress of your treatment

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