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Adult Braces Treatment Outcomes Aftercare Tips

Adult Braces Treatment Outcomes Aftercare Tips

Adult braces are a life-altering decision because when they finally come off, you know what it means to have a beautiful smile. So if you are new to this orthodontic procedure, there are a few changes you can expect once the brackets and wires are taken off.

Removal of Adult Braces

Your family orthodontist keeps a constant check on the position of your teeth throughout your dental visits and accordingly decides the completion of your treatment. So if you are about to get your adult braces off and sport a flawless smile, be prepared to experience the same period of adjustment you went through at the start of your treatment.

4 Things You Will Notice When Your Adult Braces are Removed

  1. Tenderness in Teeth and Gums
    Getting your adult braces off is a big change which does hurt a bit because your family orthodontist uses some force to get the glue, wires and brackets out of your mouth. That is why your last visit would leave your teeth and gums a little tender so make sure you don’t pop in a jawbreaker right after the removal of your braces.
  1. Calluses on the Insides of Your Lips
    This is one of the very first things you will experience as your adult braces come off. Calluses develop very quickly on the inside of your lips but you only feel them once the braces are removed because all this while the calluses were corresponding to your braces. You don’t need to worry as these calluses will go away eventually.
  1. Discoloration
    While your adult braces are on, brushing is a little difficult so you might notice that your teeth have become a little yellow after your braces have been removed. You might also notice some calcification in the form of spots. While this is a good sign that your teeth are still getting adequate calcium, it is important to talk to your orthodontist about the discoloration.
  1. Straight and Even Teeth
    The first time your braces go off is when you see the transformation. You are able to feel that your teeth have lined up evenly over the time and see the change in your smile. This completely alters your appearance as a mouth full of metal wires and brackets makes way for a beautiful, new smile.

Things To-do after Your Adult Braces Come Off

  1. Wear Your Retainers
    If you want to retain the impact of your adult braces, you should be wearing retainers after braces for the recommended time period. Initially, you may have to wear your retainers all the time but later you should be able to switch to nights depending on your unique situation.
  1. Undergo a Teeth Whitening Procedure
    If you want whiter, brighter teeth to go with your straight smile, you can choose to undergo a teeth whitening treatment. This treatment can be done both in office and at home for removing the stains, discoloration and spots to achieve a flawless smile.
  1. Rinse regularly with a Fluoride Solution
    Rising not only helps prevent cavities but also fortifies the enamel of your teeth for additional strength and stability after getting your adult braces off.
    It is recommended to add rinsing with a sodium fluoride solution to your oral routine to eliminate bacteria and trapped food.
  1. Brush and Floss to Maintain Your Smile
    Once your adult braces come off, you don’t need any special brushes or flossing devices. Maintaining oral hygiene becomes a total breeze without metal braces as there are no obstacles. But brushing and flossing diligently is necessary because you will start incorporating all the foods into your diet that you’ve been avoiding all this while.

A well-informed orthodontic patient can stave off serious issues like TMJ and sleep apnea by allowing an experienced orthodontist to correct the alignment of crooked and uneven teeth with adult braces. At Thurman Orthodontics, patients can be confident of exceptional dental care experience and personalized orthodontic service. Call 559-439-0425 and take your first step toward the smile you deserve.

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