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Broken Braces Brackets – What You Need to Know

Broken Braces Brackets

Braces these days are relatively durable. They can take a lot, especially when it comes to all the stuff you eat. However, they may occasionally sustain injury, and you may encounter broken braces brackets. Have your brackets abruptly fallen out, or do you want to be prepared for such circumstances? If yes, keep reading to find out the solution!

So, how do you know if you broke a braces bracket and how to fix it? Don’t worry! This blog post has all the information you need to keep your brackets in tip-top shape. So sit back, relax, and prepare to sail through your orthodontic treatment with the professional tips mentioned here!

What is a Braces Bracket?

So, braces brackets are the little metal squares that attach to the front of each tooth to keep the braces wires in place. They are typically composed of stainless steel or ceramic and available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the space in your mouth.

These brackets are pretty vital in helping to straighten your teeth and get that appealing smile. They operate along with the wires and bands to exert modest pressure and gradually shift your teeth into the proper place.

What Causes a Broken Braces Bracket?

Well, there are a few things that can lead to this pesky problem. Some of the most common ones are:-

  • Injuries: Whether it’s a sports-related mishap or just a simple accident, an injury can cause a lot of damage to your brackets.
  • Munching on Forbidden Foods: Eating those ‘no-no’ foods like sticky candies or hard nuts can put extra pressure on your braces and cause a bracket to pop off.
  • Poor Dental Care: And finally, if you are not keeping up with good oral hygiene, plaque, and food debris can weaken the bond between the bracket and your tooth.

How Do You Know if You Broke a Braces Bracket?

It’s essential to keep an eye out for any signs that your braces bracket is broken, especially since it can affect your treatment progress.

  • One of the most common indications is feeling a wire poking out or a bracket that seems loose. This can cause discomfort and may even lead to injury if not addressed promptly.
  • Another clue is if you notice any changes in how your braces fit or if you suddenly experience unusual difficulty in maintaining your oral hygiene routines.

If you happen to see or feel any of these red flags, don’t hesitate to reach out to your orthodontist for a check-up. It’s better to address any issues early on than to let them escalate into more significant problems down the line.

What to Do When a Braces Bracket is Broken?

So, what do you do if you find yourself with a broken braces bracket? Here are some expert tips:-

  • Be Cool: First of all, don’t panic! It is not the end of the world. Take a deep breath and maintain a calm mind. Panicking doesn’t help anyone, including your brackets.
  • Examine the Damage: Asses the damaged bracket to determine if it causes any discomfort or if any wires are protruding out. If everything seems well, you can probably wait until your next scheduled check-up. But if something seems odd, it’s time to act right away.
  • Double-check the Wires: Thoroughly check all the wires to ensure that nothing is out of position.
  • Don’t Attempt a DIY: If anything appears out of the norm, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Leave it alone and contact your orthodontist immediately.
  • Schedule Your Appointment: Once you’ve assessed the condition, you should book an appointment with your orthodontist to get the damaged bracket repaired.

How Do You Protect Your Mouth If You’ve Got Broken Braces Bracket?

Let’s find out how you can safeguard your mouth from different types of bracket damage till you can get to the orthodontist!

  • Floating Bracket
    First, let’s look at the floating bracket case. If one of your brackets chooses to make a break for it, use a small quantity of orthodontic wax to keep it secure. Do you not have any wax on hand? Don’t worry! You can also apply a little piece of sugarless gum as a temporary solution to keep the bracket from sliding around and creating discomfort.
  • Damaged Wire
    If you find yourself in this sticky situation, try using a small cotton ball or orthodontic wax to create a cushion between the frayed wire and your cheek or gum. This helps prevent any unwanted poking or scratching until you can get it fixed properly.
  • Protruding Wire
    If a wire has chosen to appear somewhere, it shouldn’t try gently pushing it back into position with the rubber end of a pencil. If it doesn’t work, covering the end of the wire with orthodontic wax can give temporary comfort until you can get it fixed.
  • Bent Wire
    If possible, use clean tweezers to straighten the bent wire carefully. Just remember to be gentle to prevent inflicting more injury.


Will braces function with a damaged bracket?

Yes, braces may still be used with a damaged bracket. However, it is critical to have it fixed as soon as possible to minimize treatment delays.

How long can I keep a broken bracket?

Ideally, you should not retain a damaged bracket for too long. Contact your orthodontist as soon as possible to set up a repair appointment.

Is it safe to eat with a frayed bracket?

To prevent further harm, avoid eating hard or sticky foods with a broken braces bracket. Stick to softer meals and be aware of the damaged bracket while eating.

Should I brush my teeth with a broken bracket?

Yes, continue to brush your teeth as usual, but be gentle around the affected area to prevent any discomfort or additional damage.

Will my orthodontist be mad if I break a bracket?

Don’t worry; orthodontists understand that accidents happen. It’s important to inform your orthodontist about the broken bracket so they can address it appropriately.

How common is it to break brackets?

Broken brackets are not prevalent, particularly during orthodontic treatment. However, your orthodontist has the expertise in dealing with and fixing damaged brackets.

What happens if I swallow a bracket?

If you accidentally swallow a braces bracket, you should contact your orthodontist or seek medical attention immediately. They can advise you on what measures to take.

How do you treat cuts and sores in your mouth?

To treat cuts and sores produced by a broken braces bracket in your mouth, rinse with salt water and use orthodontic wax for temporary comfort. If the problem persists, contact your orthodontist for further assistance.

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