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Congenitally Missing Tooth – Causes & Treatment of Hypodontia

Kid with Congenitally Missing teeth

Hypodontia is a developmental oral health condition. If you are born with lesser teeth than an average person, you have hypodontia. It is also commonly known as congenitally missing teeth (CMT). It affects both baby and permanent teeth. The most common congenitally missing teeth are second premolars, wisdom teeth, and upper lateral incisors.

In this article, we will explain the causes and treatment of hypodontia.

Causes of Hypodontia

Any abnormality in the dental lamina is often the reason for CMT. The dental lamina is a band of epithelial tissue which is responsible for forming two dental arches. Your enamel organs search for the space for new teeth within these arches. But in some cases, the dental lamina gets missing due to genetic reasons. Thus new teeth which should ideally be grown between the arches can’t sprout.
Following are the other common factors that lead to congenitally missing teeth:-

    • Infections
    • Hormonal Conditions
    • Gum Disease/ Gingivitis
    • Advanced Maternal Age
    • Injuries
    • Genetics
    • Maternal Smoking
    • Rubella
    • Low Birth Weight
    • Other Environmental Conditions

Treatment for Hypodontia

Experienced orthodontists can treat CMT with multiple types of treatments at a time. For example, they might apply braces to correct the spacing and alignment. Or, they replace the missing teeth with the help of prosthetics like bridges and dental implants. Orthodontists decide on suitable treatments depending on the patient’s condition.

  1. Braces & Invisalign

    Minor condition of hypodontia teeth can be treated with orthodontic treatments such as traditional braces and Invisalign. These treatments can reduce the marginal gap between the teeth. But braces and clear aligners can’t treat cases of significant and multiple gaps in the teeth. Reason being that the remaining teeth can’t cover those many gaps.

  2. Removable Partial Dentures

    Dentures can replace the missing teeth in your mouth. So you can chew and speak in a much better way due to partial dentures. It also improves your dental appearance enhancing your overall facial features. But dentures need a considerable level of care and maintenance. And you might need to find another permanent solution in the long term for hypodontia.

  3. Dental Bridges

    This can be one of the permanent solutions for hypodontia teeth. The dental bridge makes a bridge between your intact teeth to fill the gap of the missing teeth. They are fixed on the teeth that are on either side of the gap. It is a complicated process. The orthodontist needs to downsize the adjoining teeth also with a drill to set the bridge.

  4. Dental Implants

    Implants are a permanent and least damaging way for the treatment of hypodontia. A metal bone is posted above the gap to hold the implanted tooth. But these implanted teeth only replace the congenitally missing teeth. It doesn’t affect the adjoining teeth like the bridge. It can be done only for people more than 18 years of age.

    Parting Words!

    Congenitally missing teeth is a common condition. But it is perfectly curable if you approach a good and experienced health care professional.

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