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Is Invisalign a Good Choice for Teens?

teenage with Invisalign

If you are anticipating that your child might need braces, Invisalign can be one option to look out for! This popular brand has become a household name. Almost everyone, from teens to adults, is in awe of its advanced technology and its benefits.

But is it the best option for your teenager? Before you decide, read this article that talks about the benefits, what parents need to keep in mind, and the difference between Invisalign for teens and adults.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign for Teens?

  1. Extremely Discreet

    Made from clear plastic meant to apply pressure to your teeth to straighten them, Invisalign stays true to its name and remains practically invisible from afar. No one notices you are wearing them, which is a win-win situation for your teenager!

    Many teens are conscious of their appearance. Metal braces only add to their insecurities. However, not using braces to straighten teeth is not an option. For this, Invisalign can come to their rescue where they get the best of both worlds – straighten their teeth by being absolutely discreet! Moreover, this non-invasive teeth straightening method is perfect for helping your child improve their smile and gain confidence.

  2. Easily Removable

    Another factor that plays a major role in making clear braces a go-to choice for teens is easy removability. Since they don’t have archwires attached to the teeth, it gets simpler for the user to remove them while eating, brushing and flossing. Your child is able to maintain their oral hygiene, which means lesser cavities and other dental problems!

    Moreover, Invisalign is more convenient. No wires are poking and hurting your child’s gums, giving them a pleasant experience.

  3. Gives Confidence

    Metal braces hold the bad image of making everyone, especially teens, conscious of their looks. They have a social stigma attached to them, making them look and feel undesirable. However, when it comes to Invisalign, this is not the case. These clear braces are trendy, something your teenager would like and won’t mind wearing.

    Many kids tend to get self-conscious with a mouthfull of noticeable braces. Clear plastic aligners are less noticeable, so your child won’t feel conscious about their appearance, which will boost their confidence!

  4. Maintains Your Food Freedom

    Another reason that makes Invisalign a better choice than metal braces is that you get to keep your food freedom. No wires are poking out or no delicate brackets that might break while chewing hard food.

    Moreover, they need to be removed while eating. So, that minimizes the food restrictions imposed while wearing traditional braces. Your teen won’t have to give up on the food they love, even during the initial stage of their treatment. Your child can easily brush and floss their teeth without working through the complicated mess of metal wires.

  5. Lesser Emergencies

    You won’t have to run to the clinic with broken wires or cracked brackets! This is the biggest advantage of wearing Invisalign over traditional braces. They make your child lesser prone to emergency appointments with the orthodontist.

  6. Shorter Treatment Time

    It takes about 18 to 24 months for your teeth to straighten with traditional braces. But an Invisalign treatment requires 6 to 15 months. Teens prefer having aligners for a shorter period. If your child continues to wear their clear aligners for the time recommended, they will be able to complete the treatment on time and get free from the entire procedure.

What Parents Need to Remember Before Getting Invisalign for Their Teen?

Before getting Invisalign Teen, it is essential that parents understand a few things for their teens to get optimal results. Here is everything to keep in mind before getting Invisalign for your teen:

  1. It is Great for Teens with Mild to Moderate Issues

    Invisalign treatment is great for teenagers with mild to moderate dental issues like crowded or spacing in their teeth.

    Of course, the “mild to moderate” situation here is subjective. It is different for every person. Schedule a consultation appointment with us today, so we can accurately check your child’s dental situation and determine what teeth straightening method is best suited for them.

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  2. Your Teen Needs to Commit

    The success or failure of the Invisalign depends on your child’s commitment to the treatment. For some teenagers, this treatment lasts for a few months. But more often than not, Invisalign treatment requires at least one to three years of commitment. Hence, your teen must take responsibility for the success of their treatment.

    Moreover, aligners must be worn at least 22 hours a day. Your teenager should have the self-discipline to wear them and the maturity to understand that not wearing them will only hurt their progress.

  3. Regular Orthodontal Visits are Important

    Most orthodontists want your child to visit them every six weeks to check their progress. And depending on your child’s progress, when the aligners don’t fit their teeth anymore, they will need to visit the orthodontist to get them changed. For some parents, every six-week checkup is a minor inconvenience. However, this only makes your child’s orthodontal treatment more effective and helps them gain confidence in their smile again!

What is the Difference Between Invisalign for Teens and Adults?

There are no distinct differences between Invisalign for teens and adults, except for the fact that Invisalign Teen contains a blue indicator that helps your teen set a parameter of how long they must wear them.

Other than this, the only difference lies in preference. Teens are more conscious about their appearance post getting braces. And traditional metal braces only add up to their worries. This is why they prefer getting clear aligners. They are discreet and comfortable and do not restrict them from consuming their favorite food!

Where to Find the Best Invisalign Treatment for Teens in Fresno?

Invisalign treatment is one of the most convenient orthodontal treatments for teenagers who are conscious of their appearance and do not want to try traditional metal braces.

Whether you are a teen or an adult in Fresno, CA, looking for the best Invisalign treatment, get in touch with us at Thurman Orthodontics! We are among the 1% of the top providers of Invisalign! Expect high-quality treatment from the most experienced team of orthodontists in the country.

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  1. Can children younger than teens get Invisalign?

    Most children needing orthodontic treatment are between the ages of 9 and 14 because by then, most of them get their permanent teeth. Moreover, the American Association of Orthodontists recommend an early intervention. But can this orthodontic treatment include Invisalign? That depends on your child’s dental condition.

  2. Who is a good fit for Invisalign braces?

    If your child’s orthodontist suggests they are a good fit for both Invisalign and traditional braces, it narrows down to your child’s preference. But before deciding, make sure you consider all the above benefits and your child’s mental health. Some kids are not excited about the idea of flaunting their braces. So, make sure you consider all of the factors before coming to a conclusion.

    Besides kids, even adults prefer a more discreet teeth straightening method like Invisalign.

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