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Oral Health Tips Which You Need This Christmas If You Are On Braces

tis the season

Christmas is the season of eating, drinking, and partying with your loved ones! But, for those who have braces or are undergoing orthodontic treatment, Christmas is a time to tread with caution. You must focus on how to care for braces or your teeth while on an ortho treatment to make sure you don’t face any dental troubles during the holidays.

Please go through these useful suggestions on oral health & braces care:

  1. Party Hard, Care for Braces Harder
  2. All you want after a fantastic party till late at night is to hit the sack. However, the overnight residue of food and alcohol in your mouth is extremely unhealthy for your teeth, braces, and gums. So, don’t forgo the routine of brushing twice daily for two minutes – no matter how late at night it is.

  3. Power of Preparation
  4. Prepare a dental kit containing floss, a small toothbrush, and fluoride toothpaste. Keep it in your bag or purse always. Yourdental routine will remain unaffected in case of unplanned sleepovers. And it will help if any food particle gets stuck in your teeth.

  5. Water, Your BFF
  6. Drink plenty of water with food and wine. If there is any morsel of food stuck in your teeth and braces, the water will help it flow out. It will also prevent the staining of teeth due to red wine or other strong beverages.

  7. Don’t Rush To Brush
  8. There is an outer layer of your teeth called enamel. Christmas feasts are full of surgery and acidic food which weakens the enamel. So hold your horses for at least an hour before brushing your teeth after that delicious meal.

  9. Avoid Your Sweet Tooth
  10. The hard candies can potentially break your braces partially. And mostly the orthodontists are closed during Christmas. You don’t want to be in a mess for the entire festive season to satisfy your sweet cravings. Opt for soft chocolates or other lighter desserts instead.

  11. Have Cheese Instead Sweets
  12. So, if we are taking your hard sweets away, we are giving you your favorite indulgence in return. Cheese is beneficial for oral health as it lowers the impact of acidic food and drinks on your teeth. So have cheese during and after every meal.

  13. Oral Wax For Emergency Braces Care
  14. Keep oral wax handy. There can be accidental scaring or breaking of your braces during Christmas. Oral wax will protect any broken braces wires from damaging your gums and teeth.

Regular Visits to Orthodontist for Better Oral Health & Braces Care

You should visit your orthodontist regularly for proper care for braces. Orthodontists can catch any problem in the primary stage and fix it. There can be regular check-ups required to monitor the progress of your treatment. Complete all of them diligently. Your orthodontist might need your 30 minutes for each check-up.

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