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How to Fix an Underbite? Causes & Treatments

What is an underbite? A properly aligned jaw should have the top teeth slightly overlapping bottom teeth. But when this alignment is disturbed, problems such as underbite occur. An underbite is a dental condition in which a patient’s lower jaw extends outwards further than their upper jaw, due to which the bottom teeth sit in … Continued

Braces Removal: Here’s What Your Teeth Would Feel Like

The day of braces removal is the day you must have awaited the most. All your patience has paid off when you finally go to remove those uncomfortable braces off. But you might worry about what exactly to expect before getting braces off? It is common to report your mouth feeling strange and taking days … Continued

Black Triangle Teeth or Gingival Embrasures: Causes & Treatments

Do you want to fix the black triangles between your teeth? It’s possible. This article highlights vital details such as the causes and treatment options of black triangle teeth and their link with your dental health. This condition is also known as gingival embrasures, and it happens because your gum tissues don’t completely fill the … Continued

8 Braces Cleaning Tips for Healthy Teeth & Bright Smile

Thanks to the braces treatment, you don’t need to be deprived of your dream smile anymore! But do you know that apart from your orthodontist, you also have a major role in the success of your braces treatment? That is to diligently follow all the instructions given by your orthodontist related to your oral hygiene. … Continued

Braces Tightening; Significance, Process, Frequency & More

There is a vast significance of braces tightening during the braces treatment. It is also known as braces adjustment. Braces apply gradual pressure on your teeth to reposition them. Every time your teeth change position, the braces lose their grip over them. Therefore, tightening of the braces is often required during the treatment. Go through … Continued

Types of Malocclusions and How Orthodontic Treatment Helps

What is Malocclusion? Malocclusion is the clinical term for misaligned teeth that can lead to oral health complications like overbite, underbite, crossbite, and overcrowding. As the teeth are misaligned, it becomes difficult to perform vital oral functions like chewing, biting and speaking but an orthodontist is specially trained in treating all types of malocclusions and … Continued

Congenitally Missing Tooth; Causes & Treatment of Hypodontia

Hypodontia is a developmental oral health condition. If you are born with lesser teeth than an average person, you have hypodontia. It is also commonly known as congenitally missing teeth (CMT). It affects both baby and permanent teeth. The most common congenitally missing teeth are second premolars, wisdom teeth, and upper lateral incisors. In this … Continued

Functions and Importance of Palate Expanders for Children

Many childhood habits and genetic traits risk an improper growth of permanent teeth later on. Relief comes in the form of early orthodontic treatments, which can begin in a child as young as seven years old and significantly reduce the risk of conditions such as crowded or crooked teeth and jaw problems. One such treatment … Continued

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