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World No Tobacco Day: Anchor Your Oral Health Today

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, annually, six million people die due to tobacco consumption. It is the leading cause of preventable death in America and as many as sixteen million people are living with the disease caused by smoking. This includes cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and diabetes. About 1 … Continued

6 Effective Ways to Bid Farewell to Your Invisalign Pain

The number of teenagers and adults who select Invisalign as a preferred choice of orthodontic treatment is on a constant rise. Ever wondered how an Invisalign Treatment can re-align your teeth? People are more aware of the health benefits of straighter teeth, and have been encouraging the same even on social media platforms! This cost-effective … Continued

7 Dangers of DIY Orthodontic Treatment for Your Teen

The yearning for a cheap fix to bad teeth has encouraged many kids to experiment with their teeth. DIY braces are a trend that has been fueled by social media. If you look for DIY braces on the internet, you will find dozens of videos of people, mostly kids and teenagers attempting to straighten their … Continued

How Nanotechnology in Orthodontics Is Securing Better Oral Health

Over the past few years, scientists and engineers have become good at designing and engineering materials around the level of atoms or small groups of atoms. And because this technology involves performing tasks at such a minute scale, it’s called “nanotechnology”. Today, nanotechnology in orthodontists is gaining attention due to the immense benefits it offers … Continued

Planning on Removing Braces at Home? Know These Risks

Braces aren’t the most desirable accessories. If you wear braces, you’ll know it all too well. Braces may give you these reasons to be annoyed or irritated, and compel you to remove braces at home: Eating anything hard and chewy is a nightmare. You’re paranoid that you’ll stain them. You always have the feeling that … Continued

Dos and Don’ts of Cleaning your Invisalign Braces

Form a hygiene standpoint; Invisalign braces are easier to keep your teeth clean, as opposed to regular braces. And certainly from a convenience viewpoint, they can be removed at the patient’s will. But it’s also important to understand that they cannot be kept off for too long. There are things you need to know about … Continued

How an Invisalign Treatment Can Re-Align your Teeth

If you’re not a fan of traditional braces, you may qualify for clear aligners. These clear aligners are also known as Invisalign and they have many advantages over traditional metal braces. Here’s a look at the problems associated with crooked and gapped teeth and how you can treat them with clear aligners. Problems with crooked … Continued

Why Braces Are Important for Children With Crooked Teeth

Braces are often thought of as an orthodontic treatment which causes great discomfort. For children, braces mean no candies, extra cleaning time and metal in the mouth. But did you know that braces address dental issues such as malocclusion or bad bites which can affect oral as well as overall health, besides offering several benefits? … Continued

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