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10 Celebrities Who Thank Braces for Their Perfect Smiles

Do you think you are the only one on the planet who has to wear braces while your friends have shiny white smiles? Don’t you worry — there are celebrities who now flash their perfect pearly white teeth at the camera also sported braces in the past. Right from Zac Efron, Justin Bieber to Kendall … Continued

The Interesting History of Braces

Dental braces have become much more common today in the modern society but there is evidence that reveals that their use dates back to ancient times. It sounds almost bizarre that the concept of braces was envisioned even before the modern era. But humans, even in the ancient century, had a clear intent – they … Continued

Why Is America Obsessed with Perfect Teeth?

You may have noticed a trend in America – we ALL want perfect teeth. Why? Celebrities Set the Trends The celebrities have been setting the trends with the perfect “Hollywood Smile” for decades. We all love watching famous actors, movie stars and musicians on TV and on social media, and nearly all of these celebrities … Continued

Here’s Why Your Orthodontic Braces Are Still On

You’ve been waiting for this moment since the last few months. But then, when you visit your orthodontist, he tells you that you need to have your orthodontic braces on for a few more months! Suddenly, your dream of flashing a flawless smile is still a few more months away. If you’re wondering why your … Continued

Removable Vs Permanent Retainers – Pros and Cons

After months of dedication and taking good care of your teeth, your braces are finally coming off. You now have that smile you wanted for so long. But you aren’t done yet. This is the time to make some decisions about retainers. Teeth have a natural tendency to move back to their original position after … Continued

6 Tips on How to Find a Good Orthodontist in Your Area

Google has made everything easy. Deciding on getting braces? Just type in the google search bar – ‘orthodontist near me’. But is it really that easy? There may be many orthodontists in your area but finding an orthodontic specialist requires more than just a simple google search. However, there are a few simple ways you … Continued

15 Thurman Orthodontic Reviews That Show Amazing It Is

An orthodontic treatment comes with its set of benefits that make the huge investment worth it. It’s that smile you carry with confidence despite your age. But there’s also a huge role your orthodontist and their team plays to provide you with the best treatment with cutting-edge equipment used by a skilled team. It’s the … Continued

An End-To-End Overview of an Orthodontic Treatment

Young or old, we’re all part of a naturally smiling species. And along with a great smile, is assessing your teeth’s ability to bite and chew well. Braces look after all orthodontic problems right from the get-go. Let Us Walk You Through the 7 Steps of an Orthodontic Procedure: First Consultation with the Orthodontist Before … Continued

World No Tobacco Day: Anchor Your Oral Health Today

According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, annually, six million people die due to tobacco consumption. It is the leading cause of preventable death in America and as many as sixteen million people are living with the disease caused by smoking. This includes cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, and diabetes. About 1 … Continued

6 Effective Ways to Bid Farewell to Your Invisalign Pain

The number of teenagers and adults who select Invisalign as a preferred choice of orthodontic treatment is on a constant rise. Ever wondered how an Invisalign Treatment can re-align your teeth? People are more aware of the health benefits of straighter teeth, and have been encouraging the same even on social media platforms! This cost-effective … Continued

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